Improving lives and transforming society through physical activity and social connection. 

Greg is on a mission to prevent some life-threatening problems. There is no sugar coating this; 

  • Mental illness is at an all-time high with over 20% of Australians reporting a mental health episode in 2017-2018 
  • Suicide is at a record level with men being 3 x more likely than women to commit suicide 
  • Calls to MensLine about family violence increased by 56% in 2020 
  • We are living longer, but not necessarily better. Life expectancy at birth was 81.3 years for males and 85.4 years for females in 2019-21.
  • Obesity increased from 34% in 1989 to 67% in 2018, with 74.5% of men being overweight, compared to 56% of women 

Get connected. Get active.

The research has repeatedly shown that exercise and socialising improve health outcomes. In fact, playing sport or being active 4 + times a week within a team or group reduces psychological distress by almost 50%. 

Being physically active*; 

  • Protects against mental health concerns 
  • Decreases depression in older adults 
  • Is as effective as mediation for mild to moderate anxiety and depression 
  • Improves self-esteem and cognitive function in young people 
  • People who participate in sports clubs and organised recreational activity enjoy better mental health 

*Source: Government of Western Australia Department of Sport and Recreation. 

Support the mission!

Everyone who shares in our vision to improve the wellbeing of society, is welcome to join Greg.   Together we can support everyone to; 
  • Get out and be more active
  • Connect with mates, new and old
  • Access welcoming clubs, groups and services 
  • Try something new
  • Make positive lifestyle choices
  • And live a better life.

 The African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” means that an entire community of people must provide for and interact positively with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. And this is our approach to supporting everyone in our communities.  

Regardless of who you are if you can see that Greg can help you lead a healthy life, we welcome you on board.  

Greg. Is designed to help you every day, by providing you with connections to activities, mates, businesses, clubs, communities & experts who want you to live your best life, a life with balance. 

Greg is a fictional character, bringing fun and humour to a serious issue. 

Who is behind Greg?

Craig, John & Simon, old football mates. 

After finishing up with football in the 2000’s they all went their separate ways. Fast forward 10++ years, they all realised what they were missing, that sense of belonging and mateship that comes with team sports and club culture. The team set out to change it. Creating Greg to connect people with activity and get on the journey of living a healthy lifestyle. 

With some help from their mates; 

Clair and Jordan, both graduates of Recreation Planning and Management and are passionate about leading healthy lifestyles. 

Left to right Greg. team; Clair Crowley, Jordan Furnell, Craig Cotter, John Abbott & Simon Luhrs
Left to right Greg. team; Clair Crowley, Jordan Furnell, Craig Cotter, John Abbott & Simon Luhrs

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