Frequently Asked Questions

These are the commonly asked questions about Greg.

Is there a cost to Greg? 

It is free for members. There will be in app purchasing available in the future. 

Why can’t I Like posts in Greg? 

Greg is designed to promote positive user engagement and is not seeking likes. In app activity supports the Greg philosophy to foster a supportive environment. The user is motivated to reply through using the Chat functionality, this is to encourage meaningful conversations, not just a Like. 

What is my password? 

You can set your own password while onboarding for the first time, otherwise you can use your Facebook or Apple credentials to log in.  

You can reset your password within the app at anytime. 

What is the difference between an Activity and an Event? 

An activity can be set up by everyone. Set an activity to coordinate catch ups like going for a walk or having a bowling session in the cricket nets at your local park. You can make your activity by invite only or open it up to the wider Greg. community.  

An event can only be created by a Pro Account holder, who is registered business, club or organization, and is a more formal occasion than an activity.  

Whether you are setting up an activity or event, fill in as much detail as possible to help mates feel confident to join in.   

What is a Pro Account? 

A Pro Account is for Businesses, Clubs & Organizations that want to share advice, tips and hook-ups and motivate mates to achieve life balance. Read more about How Greg Works. 

Am I a Business, Club or and Organisation? 

Register as a Business if you deliver, produce or sale good for profit. 

Register as Club if you deliver a service to people with a common interest who meet regularly and take part in shared activities. 

Register as an Organisation if you are a corporate, state or national body or Not for profit that work together for a shared purpose. 

Can women join Greg? 

Yes. We welcome everyone who wants to actively participate in improving their lives and the lives of others. Learn more about why we need a community behind Greg. 

Further Questions

Any questions can be sent to us at [email protected]