Is your club on the Greg app yet? It absolutely definitely 100% should be.

Greg is a new app that helps guys and gals, get out, get active, get connected and enjoying life together – and he’s champing at the bit find them a place in your team!

It’s not just Blokes that love playing with their balls.

Cricket balls, netballs, footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, you name it! And joining a sports club with your mates is the perfect environment to do it.

Thing is, sometimes they need a bit of a nudge.

That’s why they #GetGreg.


Improving lives and transforming society through physical activity and social connection.

How it works

The Greg app uses fancy algorithms to steer users on a ‘discovery experience’ where they can find people, events clubs and communities matched to their unique interests. Once your club is listed on Greg, you’ll gain access to a highly targeted audience of ripper humans looking for fun things to do – fun things like being involved with a club and community like yours.

We introduce them to you when they’re so inspired, they’ll probably impulsively nominate for club president – all you have to do is sign ‘em up!

It’s time to #GetGreg

Still not convinced how Greg can help your club?

Time to roll out the bullet points!

  • Chat with mates or followers using the app messaging function
  • New channel to attract members
  • Direct access to a targeted and highly engaged audience
  • Promote your club and key initiatives in a supportive environment
  • Align your club with other leading brands
  • Marketing tools + advertising opportunities to promote your club and products
  • Host and manage free or paid events
  • Geomapping to make everything easy to find
  • Get started on a FREE plan

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