Who the heck is Greg?

Greg is not just an app. He’s your best mate, a pal in your pocket who inspires, reminds and enables you to be a better person with every tap, every post, every ridiculous meme that makes you snort beer through your nose.

Once you’re on Greg, you’ll join a community of likeminded legends who are keen as mustard to get out of the house, get fit, connect with mates, try new things, get advice or reach out after a tough day.

More on Greg.

Calling all Mankind.

Are you a guy or gal who’s drifted from friends and family, not getting enough exercise, eating the wrong stuff, or just looking for ways to be a better version of yourself in any capacity of life?

With Greg, you’re not alone. He’s been there before. Maybe his story isn’t exactly the same as yours. But Greg says… your life is your story to tell.

Easier said than done. Change is hard. But it’s easier with mates and a plan; physical exercise and social connection.

Be like Greg and get the benefits.

Why we need Greg.

The Legend of Greg.

Legend has it, Greg was born late one Saturday afternoon on a couch in the suburbs, when he caught a reflection of his life in the flat-screen. It wasn’t pretty.

At that moment Greg said to himself:
‘Greg, mate – it’s time to make a change’

So he baptised himself with a few laps at the local pool with his kids. Romance was reignited in a game of mixed-doubles with his wife. And hope was reborn with a dawn hike up Mount Lofty with his mates.

Since that fateful day, Greg has come to understand the challenges he faces are similar to the challenges many men and woman face.

Now Greg’s on a mission; to make it easy for everyone, everywhere to get out there and socialise, step up and exercise, try something new and live a better life.

To be continued…

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