Are you a legendary Larry?An adventurous Amanda?A caring Carl?A health-conscious Heather?

Then you my friend are a Champion – and the Greg app needs champion's just like you!

WoManhood is hard.

Mortgages, careers, deadlines, families, remembering bin day – no wonder we all feel like we’re navigating life with a dodgy GPS signal. That’s why we created the Greg app – a platform that motivates you to get out, get active and just be better guys and gals.

That’s where you come in…


Improve lives and transforming society through physical activity and social connection.

How it works

As a Champion, your job is to inspire every Tom, Dierdre and Harry to #GetGreg by promoting it on social and digital channels, at events and in everyday life. It could be anything, from a weekly blog about dominating parenthood, to Facebook posts on tackling anxiety, or YouTube videos on how to date like the Honeybadger.

By acting as a positive role model, you can help others everywhere be better mates, dads, mums, partners, sisters, brothers and co-workers. Plus, you get to rock official Greg champion merch, so it’s a pretty sweet deal for that alone!

It’s time to #GetGreg

Still not convinced why you need to be a Greg Champion?

Better roll out the bullet points!

  • Position yourself as a thought leader and expert within your area of expertise
  • Expose yourself and the causes that you support
  • Promote your brand in a collaborative and supporting environment
  • Facilitate a personal connection between you and your audience
  • Become one with Greg. So much so that you may consider changing your name by deed poll (that’s optional but encouraged!).

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